Shenzhen Li gold and silver powder paint process for a product Co., Ltd.
Dear Customer:
Lee has 15 years of a product company specializing in wholesale and retail all kinds of imported and domestic raw materials, product quality, full range (the United States, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, etc.).
Glitter powder series: (square, hexagon) flash chip, laser film, colorful film, gold and silver onion slices, Symphony and so on.
Luminous powder series: Germany luminous powder, luminous powder in Japan, imports of reflective powder, fluorescent powder, made luminous powder and so on.
Pearl powder series: silver, gold, Symphony, color, bronze series, South Korea, 601 pearl paste.
Chameleon Series: blue green, green, red, yellow purple, yellow green and so on.
Bead Series: South Korean plastic beads, glass beads, plating, electroplating, glass, colored glass beads.
Gold and silver powder series: German love cards (bronze powder, gold powder, silver) Belgium powder, silver, import of silver paste, silver flash, domestic gold powder, silver and other domestic one.
Gold foil paper series: gold leaf, silver paste, hot cloth, hot paper. Hot leather. Hot plastic.
Printing paste series: bronzing paste, anti-oxidation of gold and silver slip, Glitter syrup, high prison glue
Craft supplies Series: import refined oil color, water-based pigments, various colored animals, sequins, Xue Huafen, Piao powder, cream powder, colorful paper, beads, precious stones, plastic aluminum, gold and silver, stones of ice mass.
? Uses: St. extension accessories. Screen Printing. Glass products. Of strong supplies. Art Yu body. Paint decoration. Paint decorative pictures jewelry and more.
The company set quality, service, price, technology, for one, welcome to patronize us!

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